Poem made April 8

We are made for each other,
Waking up seeing you everyday,
Gives me warmth throughout the day.
I think about you all day,
and on weekends,
I cuddle with you.
You are the best dog ever,
and I could never replace you.
     ~For, Ms. Haseltine

Writing Maraton

First question is, what is a writing marathon? Well a writing marathon is a not really a marathon in my class. We did this for a field trip. We went to places in Sheperd’s Town, and we wrote. It was fun. I really enjoyed this part of the field trip especially because I really enjoy writing. I also enjoyed the eating, but really the writing marathon was cool to go around and see what the town was like. It  isn’t like at home, completely different. That is all I have to say about the writing marathon, so bye!

Spring Break

My Spring Break was probably anything but boring. I completely relaxed. But that’s boring! Well, I was on a cruise ship! We went  to three places; Key West, Florida; Cayman Islands; and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It was my first cruise and I had a lot of fun!

It was a complete different experience. I watched comedy shows, ate ice cream 24/7, as well as lazed around in the room a lot!!! I thought that it was to be less fun,. but I was completely wrong. In the mornings I relaxed, and at night I partied!!!! I loved it sooooo much! If you haven’t gone on a cruise, I would seriously recommend it. It is a nice place to go to relax, and catch up on long lost sleep.

The only part I didn’t enjoy was traveling there. There was so much traffic, that it took us from 6:00 in the morning, to 11:00 at night just to reach Jacksonville, Florida. That wasn’t even where  the port was!  The next we woke up again early, and it still toke us from about 6:00 in the morning to 2:30 to reach port.

Anyway, first place we went to was Key West, Florida. I didn’t get off, because my knee hurt, and my parents and the other family friends who came with us on the cruise were just doing sightseeing. So if it included walking, count me out! Anyway, I spent my day going to a place called Camp Carnival. It was probably the most boring thing that I have ever done! And honestly I am not saying that they did a bad job, and you should never go there, but I felt it was not very fun for my age. My parents however, went para sailing, and now, I want to go!

The second place that we went to  is Cayman Islands. If you didn’t know already, it is a British colony. I had so much fun there, but we had to come back at 3:30, so we didn’t really even have a full day. We did a activity for the whole day where we swam with the sting rays. That was the first stop. The water was shallow at that particular spot, and it was only 5 feet water. That was super fun! At first my dad made me wear a life vest because I was standing on the tips of my toes. But then he let me take it off and swim by myself because I begged him. After that we went to the next stop. There the water was 12 feet deep!!!! I swam with a life vest of course, no questions asked. But the rest of my family were scared and they didn’t go. We came out at around 2:30. It took us about 15-20 minutes to get back to the boat.

The last place I went to was Jamaica. I loved that place probably more than all of the other places. I saw dancing did bobsledding, as well as get a bunch of souvenirs! It was super fun! But the only reason this might not be as long as the other paragraphs is because you have to see it to believe it. I even saw a bunch of lizards, as well as a chameleon! I hope if you ever go, that you will enjoy it as much as I do, so bye!

What if?

What if didn’t have books?
          How could we imagine?
What if we didn’t have food?
           Could we eat anything?
What if we didn’t have parents?
           No one to boss around.
What if we didn’t have school?
          Would we even have friends?
What if there were no cars?
          Would we have to walk around everywhere?
What if there no boats or airplanes?
          Could we go to China?
What if there were no sports?
           Would we have no fun?
Luckily, all of these are actually there, so……… dream on!!!

I wonder…

 if there are aliens
                    if i can be a veterinarian when i grow up
                                                                          if i will ever get a dog
                                                                                                 why the world is round
                                                                                                                          if we can get to mars in my lifetime
                                                                                    if i will have big plans
                                                        if i will become famous
           if we will travel out of our solar system
what are in glasses to help you see better
                                                          some people are so serious
                                                                                what i’ll work as when i am older 
                                                                                                                 why tennis is less popular than football
                                                                                                 what kind of people will be my friends later
                                                                                            if i’ll lose my interest in books
                                                                                why the sky is so blue

                                                   why you can’t see the wind
                           if there are real monsters in this world

Keep wondering, and we’ll find out!

hello there…

i am


i am Rachael

i keep diaries

i wish i could be better at art

i love puppies!

i dance in bed

i sing in the shower

i think about writing this blog post

i really like food

i need a puppy!

i should grow up

i can have fun

i like reading

i make cupcakes

i always have a song stuck in my head


Hey everybody! This is going to be a quick blog post on what is to come and what has been going on. So far that I have to say is that nothing much has been going around on this blog, but what I am hoping to do is get more and more people on my blog, so hopefully by the time you read this I will be able to spread it around to a few other people. Also I hope that you will do a little bit and tell some other friends outside of school. Also I am hoping to make more updates every week or so. I think that after this hopefully there would be more activity on my blog. Thank you for all the support from people who are reading and commenting on my blog.

Me as a writer

I have changed a LOT since I first started writing. I know love to write. But there has to be a how and a why, right? So today that is what I am talking about, but first I would like to start of saying thank you to all the people who came up with using computers for a change. Whether or not everybody likes it, a little bit of it is because of change. Also I want you to know that I don’t really have a preference between notebook or laptop, so it might sound like I like something better than the other, but it isn’t true.

Notebook is a very good method of writing. I love writing. One thing good about writing is spell check. Sometimes spell check can be good, but other time, no. Like, if you are spelling an Indian word, then some spell check will come up and bother you to change it. Notebook is also good because you can pour your feelings into your writing. Plus, even though for me, I am using laptops and I don’t really write much anywhere else but in my diary, I love writing because it helps me write my ideas, and ever since I started using computer for HW, I find that I go to my diary a lot more. But something on the bad side of writing is that there isn’t much audience to read your pieces of writing

Computer has also changed me a lot. I love using the computer because of the audience. Ok here is an example; so I have stage fright , and I barely can read to my big huge family. So instead, I write my story on the computer, and send it to friends and family even in India. Plus on blogs you have a whole audience, even strangers all around the world reading your blogs. And who knows? You could change thoughts and beliefs, or you can make them proud. I also enjoy using laptops because of pictures. Like, after I finish, there will probably be a picture at the end. I am very bad at art. So what I do is I get pictures from the internet. But you have to be specific.

That is all I have for you today. Bye!!!!